David Thompson

Geng Pet Nok Gradta - Red curry of quail


5 cups of dried red chillies, of lemongrass, of galingale.
6 cups of onion
8 cups garlic
2 cups coriander roots
Kaffir lime zest
1/2 cup roasted Gapi (optional)
1/4 ground white peppercorns
1/2 roasted and ground coriander seed
1/4 cup roasted and ground cumin seed, salt.
25 large quails
3 cassava
Salt, ground white pepper
Palm sugar
Coconut Cream
Palm sugar
Fish sauce
Coconut milk
Kaffir lime leaves
bai horapha or bai grapao
Coconut cream


Wash the birds, lift the meat off them.Slice the breasts crosswise. Store.

Puree the marylands, bones and all, mince serveral times, reducing the grate's gauge every second time.

Pass through moulli, twice.

Peel and grate cassava, work into the quail puree, season with salt, pepper and palm sugar.

Check seasoning.

Roll into small balls.

Crack the coconut cream, fry the paste until fragrant, then season with the sugar and fish sauce.

Meanwhile poach the balls off in coconut milk, and when cooked incorporate the liquid gradually into the curry paste.

Add the balls and the breast meat and simmer until the breasts are cooked.

Garnish with kaffir lime leaves and basils.

Finish with a ladleful of coconut cream.

Geng Pet Nok Gradta - Red curry of quail